Wave Line

Composer Ricardo Romaneiro was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the U.S. at an early age. Ricardo’s music synthesizes his major musical influences & passions: classical and electronic music, and the percussive rhythm/beat of his native country Brazil. The New York Times described his work (Strata) as “a blissful and compelling mix of Minimalist-derived rhythmic ecstasy and nightclub beats”.  His music has been commissioned and performed by ensembles and institutions such as the the Museum of Modern Art’s Summergarden Series, Metropolis Ensemble, Wordless Music, Ensemble LPR,  Nu Deco Ensemble, ECCE, New Juilliard Ensemble, American Composers Orchestra (Underwood Readings), Quintet of the Americas, the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Colorado Ballet at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, and the Sacramento Ballet. Ricardo’s music has been featured on NPR live broadcast from Prospect Park Bandshell as part of Celebrate Brooklyn! summer concerts. Esquire Magazine featured his music and work process in their annual “Best & Brightest” issue. A recipient of the ASCAP Rudy Perez Songwriting Scholarship, Ricardo earned a Bachelor degree in composition from Manhattan School of Music and a Master degree in composition from The Juilliard School.

The last few years Ricardo has been collaborating on curating concerts, salons and supper clubs with ensembles and venues such as Metropolis Ensemble (Brownstone), National Sawdust (On A Sphere), Ensemble LPR (Lunaire), Sandbox Percussion (Supperclub), String Noise (Polytope), House of Yes (Black Angels), Verboten (Drumming), Nu Deco Ensemble (Ambient Supperclub), Le Poisson Rouge (Subhaze), Angel Orzensanz (Metropolis 10) and has an immersive music salon series with collaborators at the American Irish Historical Society located on Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue in New York.


My Highlights

Basically every project, commission, collaboration has been my favorite and it’s impossible to compare one with another. But the ones that I enjoyed the most were the ones that really pushed me to boundaries outside my comfort area. From working in different musical languages and techniques to working out detailed logistics of putting on an event. I learned and grew the most from these projects and collaborators, and this process is still ongoing. Below are some of my favorite projects I’ve been part of.
  • Brownstone
  • On A Sphere
  • Supperclub
  • The Rite : Remixed
  • Second Exposure
This is always changing and evolving. In general the consistent aspect I noticed about my work process is that I am inspiried by the environment that surrounds me – from musicians to technology to landscape. I started composing music with a pen and paper and found the process to be very slow and time consuming, specially for editing and preparing parts for the the performers. So while I was in high school I took a class on music theory and the teacher taught it to us on a program called Finale. That was my first introduction to seeing the computer as a musical instrument. Nowadays I use a combination of softwares to bring my work into life. I use music notation software called Sibelius where I use a digital pen (wacom tablet) to input notes. Sibelius is “rewired” with Pro-tools and Ableton Live, meaning when I press record, play, or stop all programs will work as one. Therefore giving me access to compose, produce, mix and engineer in an organic workflow.
I love going to create in my studio space, as a composer one always thinks of a solitude artist in the creation of sound – and that is true on many days and nights. But I am always inviting old and new musician friends to record, collaborate, and exchange ideas at the studio with me. I’ve found this to be a fruitful and inspirational way of working, even if we don’t record or play anything that is what we consider “good”. We explore techniques and try things out just as you would in a lab. I feel so honored to know many inspiring performers and to be in a city where I can hear and feel the music run thru it. I invite you to a dialogue with me through music.


Ricardo Romaneiro at Le Poisson Rouge
Ricardo Romaneiro – The Rite Remixed
Ricardo Romaneiro – Two Part Belief w Hila Plitmann and Ryan Francis
Ricardo Romaneiro – Scar Arias
Ricardo Romaneiro – Hallucinations
Celebrate Brooklyn – Ricardo Romaneiro | Metropolis Ensemble
Ricardo Romaneiro – New York Times Photo